I turned 21 on Thursday and had a fabulous day! Let’s see what life has in store for me from this point onwards…

I’m a YouTuber!


Today I started my YouTube channel and posted my first video. The main thing holding me back from doing this (for years) is my tendency to get caught up in small things like numbers.

Subscribers, views and likes are often an unfortunate depiction of validation and approval, so when such numbers are low it takes a toll on my confidence.

I don’t want the world to potentially see that no one cares about what I’m doing! It calls the relevance of my actions into question, even though this shouldn’t be the case. Ideally, I should be doing things for myself and not for approval!

Nonetheless, the channel has been launched. I need to focus on making videos, something I really enjoy doing. And I need to have fun with it because fun is what got me here in the first place.
Anyway in true youtuber fashion, here’s the link to my channel and my first video!:



On Thursday I went outside for the first time in a long time. I was riding my bike and circled back when I saw this picture.

Resistance to the presence of black people exists even in the spaces where we feel or appear predominant (though it’s hardly the case). In this instance, it’s Dagenham. So many white people will keep fighting until they ‘Get their Britain back’.

In conversation with Adanna Hannah: On Black Trauma

#picoftheweek || photo credit: smithadachi.co.uk

In conversation with Adanna Hannah. We discussed the fixation on black pain (trauma porn) and what it truly takes to be an activist. I believe that not everyone is destined to be one. But you can still make a difference. 

Check out our conversation on her amazing blog!: https://smithadachi.co.uk/2020/06/01/activism-is-being-active-on-black-trauma-with-adefela-olowoselu/

the Greenhouse Deptford


My Dad and I went for a drive (breaking my 12-week shielding) and we drove past a coffee shop that I visited with my sister some months ago. Most employees were actors who worked here as side jobs. I wondered how they’re currently doing.

Mayowa is a cliché


What is the most cliché thing about you?

Mayowa listed more than one thing that she perceives as cliché about herself.

She discusses how they have navigated her life, and how the thoughts and feelings that stem from these clichés are clichés in themselves.

I like how she ended the interview most of all. To phrase it loosely: ‘I used to think that if you don’t succeed at something the first time, then you shouldn’t be doing it. That’s not true though.’ 

Inspired by the 2017 SoulPancake video, “What is the Most Cliché Thing About You?”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzeCUSvjSLs


Cornrow Kenny

I’ve been trying to develop my skills on Premiere Pro – this is my latest work!

It’s been years since I learnt how to cornrow, but this is my neatest set yet!

I have always been interested in hair, and I thank God every day that this interest led me to learning how to look after my own hair when I was 12.

I think I’ll be filming, editing and posting more hair videos because it’s something that I am passionate about. But, there’s no record of that online!

It’s not that posting things online is the only indication of their existence, but more so that there are parts of myself that I enjoy sharing here, and I want to add hair to the list.

Maybe I will start filming some videos about my skin journey too – it has been, and still is a bumpy ride, lol! (no pun intended)!

Now, if I may.
Ahem: Cornrow Kenny, he was born with a vision
All morning with the mixed dashboards, triple digits
Parallel park like an alien came visit

How easy do you find it to be vulnerable?

How easy do you find it to be vulnerable?

Take 2: Here, Funmi tries to figure out how she can be more comfortable in her vulnerability around her family and friends. She understands the value of being open, but some things are easier said than done.

However, she lets me know that she’s trying. I believe her.

What’s the most cliché thing about you?

What’s the most cliché thing about you?

Take 1: Here’s a snippet of Mayowa’s answer. I might make this into a full video soon.

She wonders if it’s cliché for a first generation immigrant child to feel pressured by their parents’ expectations, even if the expectations may be constructed by the individual themselves. Is it cliché for her to be unsatisfied and disappointed in herself as a result of this?

How much can you relate?